Please support my dream of a life free of psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis by making a donation today. I would be so appreciative if you could help me support this very personal cause.

It took twenty-five years for me to receive my diagnosis of psoriatic arthritis. Twenty-five years of specialist visits, ER visits, misdiagnosis, job insecurity, affected relationships and debilitating pain. Thankfully, there have been even many more moments of laughter, love and blessings! In some ways, this disease has been the biggest blessing, as it has taught me patience, tenacity and compassion (even so, we still need to kick its ass!). 

When scientists began unlocking the secrets of the human genome, the map for more targeted treatments became available, as did real hope of a cure.

All money raised by Team NPF Walk provides people with psoriatic disease the services they need to live well, while funding research for a cure. 

There are TWO ways you can help me today:

1. Donate to me by clicking the SUPPORT ME button above.

2. Sign up and walk with me! Click on WALK in the header above and then click the REGISTER NOW! button.

Thank you so much for your support of this project that is so important to me.


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