This year I am once again cycling through the Willamette Valley to raise critical funds for psoriatic disease research. This year I am especially motivated, because after a year and a half of blissful clear skin, my husband, Christopher, is back to be covered head to toe with itchy, painful, embarrassing lesions. This disease has impacted our finances (medical bills, expensive medications, missed days from work), marriage (physical intimacy, self confidence) and even parenting (fatigue, embarrassment in front of friends) and I am ready to see us move closer to a cure.

This year is also VERY exciting, as the NPF has announced that they are putting a large sum of money towards specific research towards finding a diagnostic tool for psoriatic arthritis. Christopher has experienced chronic pain in his back and hip for many years that continues to go undiagnosed due to the fact there is no definitive test (blood, stool, imaging, etc) for this disease that a whopping 30% of those with psoriasis develop. 

Please support my family's dream of a life free of psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis by making a donation today.

All money raised by Team NPF Cycle provides people with psoriatic disease the services they need to live well, while funding research for a cure. 

There are TWO ways you can help me today:

1. Donate to me by clicking the SUPPORT ME button above.

 2. Sign up and ride with me! Click on CYCLE in header above and then click the REGISTER NOW! button.

Thank you so much for supporting this important event.


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