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"Lord, please heal my son from psoriasis." How many times have my wife and I prayed these same words over the last decade? I've even gone so far as to wish the disease upon myself, if only that would somehow spare my son. What else can a parent do?

My name is Derek Schujahn. After years of various topical creams, light therapy, dietary changes, and a barrage of medicines, injections and treatments, my beloved and amazing kid is still doing whatever he can to manage daily life with psoriasis. It's been a very difficult road, but he's a strong fighter. He will not give up, and neither will we. The very least I can do is raise some funds in hope for a cure.

So... I signed up for the Atomic Olympic Triathlon. On October 13th in Lenoir City, TN, I will be swimming 1500m + biking 40km + running 10km. This is my first triathlon, and I plan to do my best in training (and fundraising) in honor of my 17-year old son who has been fighting a much larger battle than I have ever imagined.

Please join me in supporting this dream for my son (and so many others) to have a life free of psoriasis by making a donation today. All money raised by Team NPF Cycle provides people with psoriatic disease the services they need to live well, while funding research for a cure.

Will you join me on the SWIM, BIKE, or RUN as a partner?

1. SWIM Partner: $0.01 per meter x 1500m = $15 donation 
2. BIKE Partner: $1 per km x 40km = $40 donation
3. RUN Partner: $10 per km x 10km = $100 donation 

To join me on this race for a cure, please click here or the SUPPORT ME button above. Any amount is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for all your support!

What is Psoriasis?  Click here to find out more. It's tough on anyone with the disease, but can be especially hard on kids. Thanks for learning more and being part of the cure.


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