In 2012, I joined the National Psoriasis Foundation to head up the government relations and advocacy department. Although I had been living with psoriasis for more than a decade at that point, I had never connected with the NPF as my disease was mild and my then dermatologist acted like it wasn't a big deal so I figured it must not be. 

Six years later, I am the NPF's Chief Operating Officer and I've learned so much about psoriatic disease and all the potential related conditions that may come with it! I've also learned the importance of treating my disease, am on new treatments, and have found a new dermatologist who takes my psoriasis much more seriously. He's also encouraging me to be attentive to any symptoms of joint disease - beyond the aches and pains any mom who doesn't sleep enough experiences - so that if I develop psoriatic arthritis we can begin treating immediately. 

This past winter, my colleague Emily Boyd and I agreed to train for and run the Marine Corp 10k! It's a great way to offer our personal support to Team NPF and be more healthy in the process.  We may be out of our minds - in my case, getting back in shape is hard when you have six kids! But it is a great cause we could use your support on! 

There are three ways you can help me:

  1. Support me with a donation
  2. Sign up and join me to race
  3. Run your own Team NPF race

Thank you so much for your support of this project that is so important to me.


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