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Hello my family, friends and supporters! 

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting me on this journey and for supporting other psoriasis fighters. It's a blessing!

Although many of you are already aware of my horrific skin condition, I'd like to share my story for those who aren't. My name is Apolonia (aka Appy). I have severe plaque psoriasis that covers over 80% of my body. Plaque psoriasis is the most common type and is characterized as red, inflamed lesions on the surface of the skin. These patches of plaques are in constant pain and continues to become inflamed, itchy and flaky. This is caused by the immune system being falsely triggered to attack the skin. While normal skin matures withing 3-4 weeks, my skin matures within 3-4 days. This rapid maturation of the skin leads to dead skin piling on each other forming plaques and causing flaking.

 Although I've had this skin condition for 14 years now (I was first diagnosed in 6th grade) many of my family and friends don't know I have it or aren't aware of how severe my psoriasis really is. The reason behind it is because one, psoriasis isn't pretty to look at, so I would try my best to hide it as much as possible using makeup, clothing and treatments. Two, I felt there wasn't a time and place to talk about it and wasn't sure people would understand. Three, I didn't want others to pity me and change their view of me in general. 

When I told people about it they would automatically assume that it wasn't bad at all and it was "just a skin condition." Psoriasis may not be life threatening, but it does impact the quality of life. I've been through all the stages you would see an individual go through with any chronic condition, happiness, sadness, remission, and even depression. And as an individual who is strong minded and resilient, I can honestly say this inflamed skin condition is not easy. I've struggled with pain, not only physically, but emotionally and mentally. Although it is a never ending battle and a long mysterious journey, the support and love I receive from family, friends and other people I meet along the way, make it worth the while. 

Thank you for leading us toward our goal for finding a cure!

Be well and stay bright,  

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Thank you so much for your support of this project that is so important to me.


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