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Hi! I am excited to announce that I will be running in the 2018 Goofy’s Race and Half during the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend in Orlando, Florida. I will be running in support for the National Psoriasis Foundation (NPF) an organization that supports medical research in the field. I am grateful that such an organization exists and am even more excited to be running for such a great cause.

I am fortunate to have been given the opportunity to study psoriasis as an early step in my career as a physician. Psoriasis, an immune-mediated skin disease that affects millions of people in the United States, may be something you have heard of, seen a commercial for, or maybe you or someone you know has been diagnosed with psoriasis. Already I have learned, and am convinced, that psoriasis deserves our attention. There have been leaps and bounds in the sphere of biomedical research in the past 10-years; and many of those discoveries have translated well to patient care. However, there is still much to know and many people to care for.

Please support my dream of a life free of psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis by making a personal donation as I run with Team NPF Run. 

All money raised by Team NPF Run provides people with psoriatic disease the services they need to live well, while funding research for a cure. 

I am running to show thanks to the NPF and in support of all those psuper-heroes out there living with psoriasis. Please join me in supporting them.

Thank you so much for your support of this project that is so important to me.

Clinton W. Enos, MD, MS



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