My dad has had psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis since his early 30’s. I have never known him without it. Because of the intimacy of observing an immediate family member with this condition, I have witnessed not only the physical, but more so, the psychological aspects it imposes. It meant late night swims to avoid being seen without a shirt. It meant constant sweeping up flaked off skin. It meant having to use treatments that can smell or stain. In fact our bathtub is permanently stained from one of those treatments. It meant traveling to other states for tar treatments. It meant pain and discomfort that leads to itching which leads to bleeding. It meant taking a cancer medication which had the potential to destroy his liver. In order to stop this, painful liver biopsies were done. And finally, while some of the the medications showed some promising results for him, they are starting to lose that effect.
My dad and his condition are one of the reasons I’m a nurse. We used to joke when I was a boy that I would someday become a scientist and find a cure. And while I do no have a lab or PhD, I did learn to love science early on and eventually became a nurse to better help all people, based on those conversations.
So please, donate if you can and help me reach my goal to help further research and find a cure for all 7.5 million Americans and many more globally. Help me help my dad and those like him so that maybe they can someday live a normal, discomfort free life.

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