Team NPF Cycle in the Hamptons

2017 Honorary Medical Chair

Dr. Evan C. Jones
I have been a part of Stony Brook University since completing my undergraduate degree at UCLA in 1994. I attended medical school at Stony Brook and completed my residency in Dermatology at Stony Brook in 2004.  A one year fellowship was completed in Mohs surgery and cutaneous oncology in St Louis, before I returned in 2005 to Stony Brook to become Director of Dermatologic Surgery in our department.  I have been a Mohs surgeon for the past 12 years at Stony Brook University, and Chair of the Department of Dermatology for the past 10 years.  Since UCLA I have been an avid bicyclist with past mountain bike racing experience, that led to competing in triathlons, and thus the purchase of my first road bike.  Now almost all my cycling is on the road, and I participate in fundraising rides here and in Rhode Island.  My last cycling accomplishment was the MS 150 held in Rhode Island, where I rode with a large Rhode Island team named K’s Cadence.  I look forward to my first NPF ride with the newly formed Team Stony Brook Dermatology Associates, and I am proud to support the NPF as the 2017 Honorary Medical Chair of Team NPF Cycle in the Hamptons.