Too. Much. Fun!

Is that possible? We doubt it! 

Who are we? We’re Team NPF. We’re on a mission: to raise awareness and money. We’re going to make the world understand psoriatic disease and help scientists find a cure. 

How do we do that? Hello? Did you miss those blue boxes at the top of the page? We walk, run, ride our bikes and raise our paddles! If we can’t find an event near us, we create our own. When we decide to do something, we do it. 

The people of Team NPF come in all ages and sizes. Some of us have psoriatic disease and some of us don’t. One thing we all have in common: We want to crush this disease and turn it into a footnote! 

Since 2007, we’ve raised more than $10 million. We’re not done yet either. There’s no better time to crash this party and help NPF celebrate.

There’s a blue box at the top of the page that’s waiting for you. Click it. Game on!

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