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Arcutis is Moving Forward for a Cure

National Team Arcutis

Arcutis and the National Psoriasis Foundation are working together to raise funds to find a cure for psoriatic disease and improve the lives of those affected. Arcutis has committed to becoming our first National Team and will have a team participating in each and every Team NPF Walk across the country!

Arcutis makes meaningful advances in the treatment of immune-mediated skin diseases. Innovation that solves the everyday challenges that significantly impact the lives of patients and their families. With extensive medical dermatology development expertise, and a deep understanding of what really matters to patients and healthcare professionals, Arcutis works to address their urgent, unmet needs through meaningful innovation. 


We invite you to walk with us as we move forward for a cure to psoriatic disease. To donate to an Arcutis team or register yourself, find your region's Team NPF Walk below:



Interested in becoming a Team NPF Walk National Team? Please contact Peggy Merchant at or at 503-546-8378 to learn more.